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General Conference COVID-19 Counsel

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COVID-19 Guidelines
from the AU Executive Board

The American Union Executive Board recommends the following guidelines (see the full letter in the March American Union Newsletter):

  1. That we continue to hold church services, if the local church agrees, both for prayer meetings and on the Sabbath, to humble ourselves, worship God, and intercede for the nation, the world, and those who are sick.
  2. That all surfaces, including doorknobs and pews, be cleaned with appropriate disinfectants at each place of worship before and after each service.
  3. That families sit together during church services.
  4. That we abstain from greetings involving handshakes, hugs, and bodily contact. A simple waving of hands from the front is sufficient at this time of health crisis.
  5. That, for the next three months, we suspend fellowship luncheons, conferences, and other social activities where larger numbers of people would be present.
  6. That those with the flu and those who are sick or have immunocompromised conditions worship at home, viewing the Sabbath school and Sabbath sermons that appear online on Sabbath.
  7. That wherever believers rent a church, and those facilities are closed for our use, small groups meet together in homes to view the online Sabbath school and Sabbath sermons listed at the links given.


March American Union Newsletter


The March issue of the American Union Newsletter presents important information about the coronavirus and the church's response to it.
The Spanish edition, Carta de Noticias de la Unión Americana, is also available.

Daily Inspiration

"Their idols are silver and gold, the work of men's hands." "They that make them are like unto them; so is every one that trusted in them." Psalm 115:4, 8