Seventh-day Adventist Church, Reform Movement, American Union
9999 East Mississippi Avenue, Denver, Colorado 80247-1927, USA

American Union Officers

Idel Suarez, Jr., President

In 2017, the following American Union Officers were elected by the delegates to the American Union Conference:

President: Idel Suarez, Jr.

Vice President: Ciro Arevalo

Secretary: Larry Watts

Treasurer: Purita Lejuez-Sambre

Family Department Leader: Pablo Hunger

Ciro Arevalo, Vice President

Canvassing Department Leader: Humberto Ajucum

Education Department Leader: Margie Seely

   Assistant: Sandra Nelson

Missionary Department Leader: Henry Dering

   Assistant: Tzvetan Petkov

Health Department Leader: Angella Russell

Larry Watts, Secretary

Good Samaritan Leader: Linda Suarez

   Assistant: Vilma Ajucum

Multimedia Department Leader: Addin Ajucum

Youth Department Leader: Elvis Echavarria

Auditor: Evelyn Arevalo

Second Auditor: Rachel Austria

Finance Committee: Purita Lejuez-Sambre (Treasurer), Tzvetan Petkov, Douglas Francis

Literature Committee: Henry Dering, Neptali Acevedo, Larry Watts

Executive Committee: Idel Suarez, Jr., Ciro Arevalo, Larry Watts, Purita Lejuez-Sambre, Pablo Hunger