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Brochure–SSL for Primary, Junior, Earliteen, and Youth

The brochure can be downloaded for saving and printing by clicking on one of the files below. In addition to a summary of each quarterly Sabbath School Lessons book, there is a picture of the cover, and the Contents page. You may want to save this brochure so you can refer to it and share it with others. You are welcome to print as many copies as you wish.

There are 12 Lesson books for each age group–a total of 48. In the Store, see Ebooks for downloadable files. You may want to purchase all of the Ebooks to have available on your computer so you can see the complete book before selecting the appropriate one for a child, a class, or others.

The Lesson books are available for purchase. Click on the STORE tab above, and select the group you wish to choose from.

These Lessons were developed to give the children and youth a spiritual foundation in basic Bible teachings. They also provide the students with opportunities to practice using their own Bibles beginning with the very first lesson to find answers to challenging questions, all the while becoming accustomed to seeing the holy Word as the source of knowledge and wisdom.

Following are other ways in which these Lesson books may be a blessing:

  • Individuals: Individual study at one's own pace; outreach to family and friends as study guides for children, young people, and also adults
  • Families: Workbooks for children and youth to study at their own pace, with parents joining in the study and/or checking their work
  • Churches and Groups: Sabbath School class study as well as supplemental lessons for new members and even experienced believers to study individually or in small groups
  • Sharing with neighbors and friends on topics in which they and their children are interested