Seventh-day Adventist Church, Reform Movement, American Union
9999 East Mississippi Avenue, Denver, Colorado 80247-1927, USA

Canvassing Department Info

Joel Barnedo, Leader

The Canvassing Department recruits, organizes, trains, and mentors literature evangelists. It works in conjunction with the Publishing Department to insure a diverse selection and good supply of literature that appeals to the general public.

Joel Barnedo

Training is important for self-sustaining and volunteer canvassers, Bible workers who spend part of their time in door-to-door outreach, and churches. The canvassers thus learn to …

  • Organize their time
  • Plan how to reach the most contacts at the best time of day
  • Be familiar with the contents of the publications they distribute
  • Use the publications available to the best advantage
  • Discern the needs of each person they meet at the door
  • Represent Jesus Christ with warmth and joy.

When it is well organized, the canvassing work forms the backbone of growth in local churches and especially new areas.