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Margie Seely, Leader

The American Union Education Department has the same Leader as does the General Conference Education Department. Meet Margaret "Margie" (Holmstroem) Seely, whose dedication to children through adoption and education began early in life with her own home schooling background and continued with her receiving her Bachelor's Degree from the University of California, Davis, California, in Early Childhood Development (with a life-threatening automobile accident, too). She sees the Holy Scriptures as the foundation to change and shape every person's character.

Margie Seely

Adoptions (Andriana and Quinn), marriage to Shawn Seely, and more adoptions (Veronica, Alyssa, and Maya) grew the family exponentially. Margie gained professional experience in the co-founding of Small Cloud Christian School and in the family's relocation to Cedartown, Georgia, to support Cedar Christian School. Then Tatiana, from Latvia, was granted permission to join the family and gain an American education (but first she had to learn English, at which she has excelled).

In the meantime, Margie wrote a book chronicling the experiences of her grandmother, father, and aunt during World War II. Titled, Marie: Woman of Beauty, Mother of Courage, this book is available in the online Store.

Shawn and Margie's devotion to adoption and education colors everything they do. It is a great blessing on many levels, including the American Union Education Department. Margie will share news and information primarily through this website, social media, and Orion Christian Academy, the American Union online educational system. Click on the links below for news and good information.

You will find the General Conference Education Department newsletter in English and Spanish under the Departments tab. Go to Education.



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