Seventh-day Adventist Church, Reform Movement, American Union
9999 East Mississippi Avenue, Denver, Colorado 80247-1927, USA

Youth Department Info

Elvis Echavarria, Leader

The Youth Department is at the forefront of the battle between darkness and light, for the great adversary is doing everything possible to lure the young people into his traps. Popular culture, entertainment, and unbelief through especially the educational system and the media trivialize and pervert human thought, just as all idolatry has done down through the ages.

The Youth Department calls young people to embrace the wisdom that is from above by encouraging, training, and challenging them to choose to be pure, intelligent, godly, loving, practical Christians in a corrupt, God-defying world. In the coming days, they will witness for the Lord of heaven and earth even before courts and authorities. Let them now develop that calm trust in God that move their hearers and all with whom they share the holy word to want to part of the heavenly kingdom.